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Our Booking Process

Thank you for your interest in booking with Darby's Pet Paradise! We promise we will love your pets while they are in our care!

Reservation Request

The first step in a booking is to fill out a reservation request on our website. This will give us all our your information, your pet's information, and the dates that you are looking to board.


Check Availability

As soon as the reservation request comes through, Darby's Pet Paradise will reach out to you regarding whether or not we have availability on those dates. You can be put on the waitlist if not. Please respond whether or not you are still in need of boarding so we can move forward to confirming the booking.


Vaccination Records

In order to be fully booked, we need proof that your pet is up to date on their vaccinations. All dogs must be vaccinated against rabies, distemper parvo (DHHP/DHLP), kennel cough (bordetella), and canine influenza (H3N2 and H3N8). All cats must be vaccinated against rabies, feline leukemia (FeLV), and feline rhinotracheitis/feline calicivirus/ feline panleukopenia (FRCP).



Darby's Pet Paradise will confirm your appointment dates and times. Our office hours for drop off and pick up are Monday-Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-12, and we are closed on Sundays.

Image by Krista Mangulsone
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