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Darby's Pet Paradise opened in 1996 and had one goal: love your pets while you are away. Twenty-seven years later, the goal has remained the same. We at Darby's Pet Paradise are passionate about caring for your pets, whether that be dogs or cats. While your pet is in our boarding facility, we promise to treat them as if they are our own.


In March 2022, Darby's Pet Paradise found itself under new ownership. Dawson and Alexis Jones promise to love your animals every hour of every day. Dawson and Alexis both have a great love for animals. Dawson's family has owned a pet store his whole life and he loved working there when he was younger. Alexis cannot recall a time where she was not around animals. Together, they are deeply honored that you are trusting them with your loved ones and guarantee that you will not regret boarding at Darby's Pet Paradise. 

Darby's Pet Paradise is committed to giving your pets the best love and care. Thank you for boarding with us and allowing us to watch over your family.

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