Sisters Vanessa Serna and Tiffany Lanza

Dasher the Dog and Kushy the Kitty

Darby's Pet Paradise was opened in 1996 in Manteca by our aunts Debbie Lanza and Angie Darby. They were young entrepreneurs with a love for animals. In 1998, they had moved and built the kennel facility we now run, located on Kiernan Avenue in Modesto behind their home.


Since we were old enough, we've helped to take care of the business while they were away. In 2017, Debbie and Angie decided they wanted to retire, so discussions began and we decided it was a smart move for us to take over. Slowly, we're making the business our own.

Growing up, our family had a German Shepherd dog named Drew from one of our aunts' litters. Between us and our brother Phil, we'd probably debate over who Drew's best friend was. He made a lasting impression on us all and imprinted our love for dogs into our hearts and into our souls. Eventually, our parents found and fell in love with a little applehead Chihuahua named Donatello. He quickly became the center of attention for us all, and we loved him dearly until his last breath. Our parents' newest baby, Bella, is a Chihuahua Rat Terrier mix and is the apple of our dad's eye. Watching our parents with their new fur baby quickly gave us both the pet bug. Vanessa and her husband adopted a Min Pin Terrier mix, and Tiffany adopted a kitten, and eventually a little Chihuahua Terrier Mix. 


Thannk you for trusting us both to be the ones to watch over your loved ones.

-Tiffany & Vanessa